IndieLearn has been subsumed under ISEM, the Institute for Studies in Educational Mathematics.

We develop software that supports independent learning. That is, we support learning that doesn't depend on teachers and schools, though our software can be, and indeed is, used by teachers and schools.


Odysseys2sense(TM) is an online forum that is like a multi-player game. It promotes lively but civil discussions of important issues. The software is designed to be useable by schools, media, and government. Odysseys have been used for courses in institutions of higher-education around the U.S. to help develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, curiosity, and communication skills in a variety of subjects without adding to faculty assessment loads.

Salutes! allows coworkers on a project to salute each other's strengths. Salutes! is being beta tested in a few higher-education courses. So far most students participate willingly in this optional game. Contact us if you wish to be a beta tester.

A Hub is a simple Learning Management System for gamified classrooms. It incorporates ideas from Salutes! as well as basic LMS (Learning Management System) functions. Contact us if you want to see a demo.

Games and activities

Petals around a rose is a version of an old challenge. Unlike other implementations, and consistent with our goal of supporting independent learning, our approach depends on self-assessment.

No factors challenge is for learning about prime numbers through making and testing conjectures. In the spirit of independent learning, it relies on the player for self-assessment.

arguGame challenges players to develop the reasoning skills behind logical arguments. Several arguments are available. Contact us if you want other arguments put up.

About us

The IndieLearn partners are Larry Copes and Benjamin Cooper.